Sandals are definitely the star of the summer. They're both comfortable and practical. On vacation or even in town in fine weather, they're an absolute must-have. Whether flat or heeled, they enhance your feet and give a crazy allure to all your summer or evening outfits. They uncover your feet with subtlety and finesse, letting your skin show through.

Tired of women's loafers or women's sneakers? Sandro sandals come in all heel sizes.

If you're looking for comfort above all else, go for flat sandals. Sandro's flat leather sandals combine comfort and style, for all-day walking in your city or on holiday!

As for heels, Sandro has created some absolutely stunning high-heeled leather women’s sandals. In metallic leather, they're the perfect women's shoes to stand out from the crowd at a party. With its 8 cm high heel, this sandal will definitely slim your silhouette. They're the perfect choice for an evening out or an event. Sandals with thin straps and a 6.5-centimeter heel are less high, making them a safe bet for summer elegance without the need for high heels.

With a strap or straps, the sandal is the perfect shoe to wear with a dress, a combi or a skirt. The possibilities are endless. Sandro's favorite?

Looking for a more original and edgy style? We've got the right sandals for you. With studs and black leather, the Sandro Olys studded leather sandals will really make you stand out from the crowd, offering a trendy alternative to more classic sandals. Finally, the Aneis brown sandals are adorned with rhinestones, to make your feet and your outfit really shine.