Which handbag to choose, a shoulder bag, a tote bar, or a mini bag? This will depend on its purpose and how many items you want to take with you. For a bag that will accompany you to and from work, opt for a large-format bag that allows you to carry everything you need throughout the day. For the evening, or if you'd rather take the bare minimum with you, go for a mini-sized bag. But how about a bag that combines elegance and practicality? When it comes to women's bags, the crossbody bag is the most practical option. Discover Sandro’s women's crossbody bags.

Whether running errands or exploring the city, the crossbody style ensures your essentials are always within reach while keeping your hands free. Its design is very convenient, allowing you to navigate your day with ease… or your night! It is easier to carry than a tote bag.

The Sandro small Yza bag is one of the best designed cross-body bags in our bag collection. Small but elegant, it comes in a range of vibrant or more neutral colors, to create a surprising outfit, or on the contrary, a classier one. Choose from tweed, leather, suede, sequins, smooth leather… The Sandro Yza crossbody bag will complement any outfit, adding a touch of sophistication to your look. With versatile strap lengths, it offers customizable comfort for every wearer. The crossbody bag is an effortlessly chic and trendy accessory choice.

With its blend of convenience and sophistication, Sandro's crossbody bags are an absolute must-have accessory for the Sandro woman.