A scarf is an essential accessory for women, just like women's belts or hats for women. Whether made from soft, warm coarse wool or light silk, a scarf is essential in every season. Silk scarves, soft scarves, seasonal colors, trendy prints, fringed finishes and at least a thousand ways to wear them.

Cover yourself in style and choose a unique and trendy design. The Swan two-tone scarf is absolutely beautiful, with its black and green combination of colors. This gorgeous scarf is made in a soft alpaca blend scarf and has fringed edges. Its vibrant colors have been obtained by using the unique Japanese "Shibori" dyeing technique, which involves knotting, twisting and folding the fabric before immersing it in a natural dye. This allows the colors to form a unique shape on the scarf and to really stand out.

Sandro has also created some truly original and unique scarves: half-zip and half-neck scarves. The Emmy High-neck rib-knit scarf is very easy to slip on, with its half-zip. Its high neck and wool will keep you warm in any circumstances.

Scarves accentuate any look. Staying true to the brand's identity and with a great attention to detail, the materials used to create Sandro’s women scarves are mainly chosen for their quality. The choice of material is essential for a scarf. It protects our neck and is in contact with our skin, so it must be as soft and pleasant to wear as possible.