Make a change from sneakers and take a few steps up. Go for heels without sacrificing comfort. Discover Sandro’s shoes with heels. You can wear them on any occasion: to work, at a party, or for a big event… Easy to slip on and just as a comfy pair of women's boots, Sandro’s pumps and heels can be worn with suits or party dresses.

Absolutely feminine, the heeled shoe can be worn at work or out in the evening. That's why it's so important to choose a versatile model that can accompany you on any occasion, all day long. Sandro has designed comfortable women's heels for you, made from quality materials. What will you choose? High heel, wedge heel, pointed or rounded toe… Every woman can find a pair of pumps to suit her. Ultra-fashionable and feminine, pumps and sandals are a must-have in every woman's wardrobe. Go for height and elevate your style, or try smaller heels with kitten heels pumps.

Sandro offers classic, discreet stiletto designs, perfect for workwear. Sandro’s Afaye strappy sandals, made in black leather, are the best choice during the summer. But also much more eccentric models, for evenings, parties or events.... The Faye sandals are a party must-have. In silver, gold, or even metallic blue, these stunning heels will be the star of the evening (with you!).

Dilena rhinestone mules are a highly original option that will immediately make you stand out from the crowd. These beautiful mules are embellished with dozens of rhinestones on their straps and have a comfortable wide block heel.