If you had to keep just one piece of your wardrobe to wear every day, it would undoubtedly be this one: the basic cotton t-shirt. It’s an essential in any woman's wardrobe: a t-shirt, as easy to wear as comfortable. Plain or printed, with short or long sleeves and many different kinds of necklines… Or even with small elegant details such as lace, jewels or embroideries. Each T-shirt in Sandro’s women's tops collection will be perfect for the sophisticated Sandro Women. You can match your t-shirt with skirts, shorts, pants or Sandro jeans, and add a jacket or a sweater depending on the season.

The simple cotton T-shirt, in white or black, is an essential staple. It's easy to wear and simply goes with everything. Wear a good pair of jeans, a chic women's jacket, and some cool sneakers. And, voila, you've got a chic, comfortable urban outfit. But it can also be worn under a large coat for women, with a skirt or even a woman's suit, for a very sophisticated work or evening outfit. In short, the tee-shirt is as elegant as it is simple, an essential for any occasion.

Which design will you choose? A long-sleeved t-shirt, perfect during the winter? Or a trendy, patterned crop top for summer? Or a cropped t-shirt with Rhinestones, like the Cubisme model, one of Sandro's most original t-shirts.

To design and produce its women's t-shirts, Sandor prioritizes quality and respect for the environment at all costs, by selecting sustainable materials. The cotton in Sandro’s t-shirts was produced organically via a cultivation method that preserves biodiversity and bans the use of pesticides and GMOs.