Ditch your black dresses! Prints allow you to express your true personality and stand out from the crowd with more original outfits. From playful colored prints, whimsical to sophisticated and elegant patterns, they are the perfect choice to tailor your look to suit any occasion or mood, ensuring you make a lasting impression wherever you go.

Incorporate prints into your wardrobe can effortlessly elevate simple outfits, transforming them into eye-catching ensembles that turn heads and make a true fashion statement. Prints are also a great choice for day dresses or for evening dresses. For an evening outfit, our Amazonie long green leopard print dress is the wildest option. With its low neckline, a draped effect on the side and a front ruffle slit, it’s absolutely gorgeous. You'll be the star of the party and a real eye-catcher.

Sandro has created dresses of all lengths, embellished with the scarf print, in green, blue or purple. Discover our Blue Blossom print with the Lise long draped dress.

Some patterns are well known: polka dots, stripes, floral motifs. They've become an integral part of a woman's wardrobe, and are safe choices that work every time. In summer, a polka dot dress is an elegant option, as are floral maxi dresses or flora tops, which are a must-have in spring. For the most stylish outfit, the houndstooth pattern is now an obvious choice. At work or in everyday life, it makes any outfit more elegant.

But why not wear more original print designs? Sandro women’s collection offers you uniquely designed prints, carefully crafted by our teams to shape tomorrow's trends.