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    How are e-commerce packages differentiated from packages intended for the store's supply?

    Packages containing e-commerce orders are sealed using bluetape.

    What should I do if an item is missing in the package?

    The seller must indicate that an item is missing in the application dedicated to e-commerce deliveries. An e-mail will then be automatically sent to the customer informing him/her that an item is missing and that the missing item will be refunded. If the customer's order comprises of several items, he/she can come to collect the other items.

    What should I do if there are excess items in the package?

    This excess must be integrated when the store receives its next resupply of stock. eCommerce packages must be confirmed on a day-to-day basis before validating resupply packages

    What should I do if a delivered item is not the right size or the right colour?

    If a delivered item does not correspond to the order, a missing-item declaration must be made as well as an excess-item declaration.

    What should I do if there is a defective item in the package from Marly?

    If the item is in your inventory, you can make an exchange, declare the item as received in the application and transfer the defective item to your defective stock.

    If the item is not in your inventory, you can call the customer and suggest either a reimbursement or an inter-store transfer. In this case, you must declare the item missing using the e-commerce application.

    What should I do if I lose my ID and password for the e-commerce application?

    Contact your Regional Director. Regional Directors have all the passwords for their respective zones.

    Is there one package per order?

    No, every e-commerce package contains all the orders that were placed on the previous day and/or the day before that for collection at your store.

    How do I identify the different orders inside a package?

    In addition to the overall delivery slip that lists all the items in the package, you will find an individual delivery slip for each order.

    How should e-commerce items be stored in-store?

    A space must be reserved in your reserve for e-commerce orders: you must demarcate an e-commerce space on a rail using blue tape.

    Once you have checked your package, group the hangers for one single order together and wind the corresponding delivery slip around them.

    Then, store all the orders on one single rail and wind blue tape around it.

    What should I do if a customer has ordered Menswear items, chosen a Womenswear store for delivery and does not come to collect the order within 31 days?

    The Womenswear store must arrange an inter-store transfer to a Menswear store.

    How do I inform the customer that his/her package is in-store?

    There is nothing you have to do. As soon as you confirm the package, the customer will receive an automatic e-mail informing him/her that the order can be collected in-store.


    How do I find the item in-store when the customer comes to collect his/her order?

    On the e-commerce rail of reserved items.

    The items and delivery slips are attached together and the orders are arranged in alphabetical order.

    The items have been previously steamed and had a security tag attached.

    Outfit suggestions have also been prepared.

    What proof must the customer provide?

    The customer MUST provide his or her order number and proof of identity corresponding to the order.

    What should I do with the delivery slip when the customer has collected his/her order?

    Have the customer sign the delivery slip and then file it.

    What is the time limit for collection of an order in-store?

    The customer has 30 days following the date of receipt in-store to collect his or her order.

    During this period, the customer will receive two remainder e-mails (on day 10 and day 25) to inform him/her that his/her order is still waiting to be collected in-store.

    What should I do if the customer does not come to collect his/her order within 30 days?

    31 days after receipt of the order in-store, the customer's order will be cancelled and the customer will be reimbursed. You will receive a transfer order to integrate the customer's order in the inventory of your store.


    What should I do if a customer wants to make an exchange of a higher or equal payment amount?

    As for items bought in other stores, it is possible to exchange an e-commerce item of a higher or equal payment amount (except for outlets and affiliates). You must make a return against receipt at your cash register.

    Menswear items in menswear/mixed stores and womenswear items in womenswear/mixed stores.

    What should I do if a customer wants to make an exchange of a lower payment amount?

    You must reimburse your customer via the e-commerce application and then make the sale at your cash register.

    What should I do if a customer wants to be reimbursed?

    You must reimburse your customer via the e-commerce application (this will not impact your store's turnover).

    What documents must the e-commerce customer provide?

    The customer must provide proof of purchase: the e-mail stating dispatch or the e-mail confirming collection/thank-you e-mail in the case of an in-store delivery.

    What should I do if an on-line customer wants to return or exchange a defective item in-store that was delivered to his or her home?

    You must make the exchange or reimbursement (refer to case above). The item will be integrated into your store's inventory after the transfer is confirmed. You can thus transfer it to the defective stock

    How much time does an e-commerce customer have to make a return?

    When making an exchange/return, the e-commerce customer has: 30 days following the dispatch of his/her order.

    In cases of doubt regarding the date, the seller can contact customer service at:

    Maje : +33 153 006 301

    Sandro : +33 153 006 311

    . What does the following error message mean? 'A technical problem has occurred for this order. A return cannot be made for the present time. Please contact on-line customer service as soon as possible to resolve the situation.'

    An I.T. problem has occurred for this order. It has not been dispatched in the system. A return cannot be made for the moment. You must call customer service so that it can inform the I.T. department of the problem.

    After reimbursing the customer, how do I carry out the inter-store transfer of the e-commerce inventory to the inventory of my store?

    The inter-store transfer is automatic. It is a transfer from the e-commerce store (store no.: 196 for Sandro and 2196 for Maje) to your store that you will receive the day after you have made the refund. You simply have to confirm it in your cash register like a usual transfer.